Lesbian Sex Part 1

Sarla growled with pleasure as the dildo thrust deeper into her anal hole. Boy! She was enjoying every moment and how. She gave another deep growl of pleasure as Jolly pulled out of her and thrust in once again. Her lustful growling added to Jolly’s own pleasure. The other end of the strap-on dildo was angled into her pussy and with each thrust was pushing further inwards.

Sarla and Jolly were married to two brothers and shared the same apartment. Jolly had read an article in a women’s magazine about the increasing acceptance and practice of lesbianism by women in the society. The experiences of some bold women highlighted in the article, only served to arouse her curiosity. She enjoyed a satisfactory sex life with her husband. She was surprised by her own broad-mindedness when after only a very brief show of anger, the knowledge that her husband engaged the services of call-girls when on outstation work, sexually excited her.

Jolly and Sarla’s husbands were engaged in a trading business. Their work required them to do a lot of traveling, including some foreign tours. A third brother, the eldest of the three, lived down the road from them with his wife, in a separate apartment. He too was engaged in the same family business. He traveled less frequently than his two brothers.

Lesbian Escort Sex
Lesbian Escort Sex

Jolly, at 34-25-37 matched Sarla inch for inch, except that she was a 34 C-cup, while Sarla was a 34 DD-cup. Moreover all this was natural. They were no silicone babes. Jolly had started dreaming about fondling the twin assets of her sister-in-law, after she read the article on lesbianism. Another set of boobs had been intruding her thoughts, of late. Ruti, the wife of the eldest brother, had a heavier figure. They more often use to watch the Lesbian Delhi Escort Sex or porn movies. Jolly knew her boob and butt size because they had purchased lingerie together on a few occasions. She was broader than the two of them with a 37-inch, C-cup bust and a 39-inch bottom. She had a flat tummy and Jolly guessed her to be 27-28 inches at the waist.

The next time the two brothers were away, Jolly had intentionally retired early to her bedroom. She had stripped off her clothes. She then got out a dildo from her collection and had lubricated it and slowly inserted it into her cunt. She went to her bedroom door and was pleased to see Sarla shut the living room lights. She would soon be passing her room. Jolly lay on the bed and started moaning loudly as she thrust the dildo in and out of her pussy. She guessed more than heard the door move slightly. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Sarla’s shape outlined in the faint light coming into the passage from the adjoining bedroom. She quickened her thrusting, awaiting Sarla’s next action. She seemed to stand there transfixed. Jolly moaned louder and made as if she was climaxing. With a loud moan she allowed her hand to fall free of the dildo. When she turned towards the door she realized that Sarla was gone.

Sarla entered her bedroom. Her left hand clutched at her aching pussy through the thin material of her gown. She closed the door and leaned against it, rubbing her pussy. The sight of Jolly fucking herself with the dildo had caused her own juices to flow freely. She removed her gown and the flimsy g-string she wore and flopped down on her bed. Her fingers were working furiously on her dripping pussy flesh. It wasn’t long before she let out a groan as she climaxed.

With Sarla gone, Jolly resumed fucking herself with the dildo and really climaxed. Both of them eventually dozed off to sleep. Neither could gather the courage to seduce the other then.

Escort for Sex
Escort for Sex

Sarla woke up the next day with her fingers still in her pussy. Yesterday’s images flashed in her mind and she fingered her nipples, which had hardened. She went to the toilet and pissed standing up. She continued to stand there and finger her pussy. A slender bottle of shampoo with a rounded cap caught her attention; she grabbed it and shoved it up her pussy like a dildo. In-out, in-out she continued, moaning slightly. She shuddered as she climaxed, allowing the wet bottle to slip from her hands. She went back into her room and flopped down on her bed. She lay there for some time till the effects of the morning orgasm became only a delicious memory.

Jolly had awakened and had slipped into her normal morning routine. She was waiting at the breakfast table, when Sarla finally turned up. Both ate their breakfast quietly but Sarla soon started her usual chatter. They were soon engaged in their favorite morning past-time of watching music channels on television. However Jolly was a bit tense and imagined that Sarla too was tense. They decided to go shopping after lunch.

 To Be Continued….. Lesbian Sex Part 2

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